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  1. Fill out the fields below specifying the:
    • Wate Right, Change, or Exchange number
    • Assignor Name(s) as it appears on the records
    • Assignee Name(s) and Address
    • Quantity of flow and Uses assigned to each new Assignee
    • If any of the quantity of flow and Uses retained by Assignor
  2. Generate the Assignment Form by selecting the "Generate Official Form" button
  3. Print the Assignment Form from the resulting .PDF file
  4. Sign and Notarize the Assignment Form
  5. Record the Form with the applicable County Recorder
  6. Submit a Report of Conveyance to the Utah Division of Water Rights with the Assignment Form stamped by the County Recorder.
If you would like to print a blank ASSIGNMENT form, simply leave the water right number field blank, and click the button to generate the printable ASSIGNMENT form.
The Adobe reader is required to print the ASSIGNMENT form. It can be acquired at the following link.
Water Right Number :
Assignor(s) :
New Owner / Assignee Name(s) and address (indicate if joint tenants) Quantity of flow and uses assigned to new owner Quantity of flow and uses retained by previous owner (if any)